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Pendleton Management


What began as a friendship has developed into a high-quality approach to delivering outstanding sourcing and procurement services.

Our focus at Pendleton Management is to bring transparent solutions to businesses in need.

Our Story

Years ago, Dane Pendleton was serving in the military when he met David Tabios. The two veterans proudly served in Iraq and kept in constant contact once they were honorably discharged.

When the idea for a sourcing company came to be, the only man Dane wanted alongside him was David.

Now owning and operating the business, the two veterans diligently improve the business on a daily basis.

Our Goal

Equipped with 15 years of experience in sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chain management, the only thing left to do was create a company.

Our idea for creating a procurement company came from working with one in the past. We were treated poorly and found fees and taxes around every corner. Nobody at the company went above and beyond for us.

Founded on United States Veteran morals, as our logo suggests, Pendleton Management is ready to attack issues head-on.


Dane and David are proud of their past in the Army. Because of this, they have a company goal to hire 100 veterans.

Giving back to the Veteran Community is a top-priority for Pendleton Management. Around every corner, you’ll find the building blocks of honest military teachings.

Our goal is to help businesses achieve success through our supply chain solutions and, in turn, assist Veterans in the process.

Devoted Veterans ready to develop an in-depth supply chain plan for your business.

– Dane Pendleton, CEO