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Why Shipping Speed is Everything
Why Shipping Speed is Everything

Why Shipping Speed is Everything

The “I want it now” society that we live in today has infiltrated the logistics industry and made shipping times greedier than ever.

While cost still trumps most things, shipping speed is becoming more vital by the day. People don’t want to buy things and wait weeks for them to arrive.

Instead, consumers want to order things online and receive them within a week or less. For some businesses, this is nearly impossible, but with the help of a highly-trained shipping and warehousing provider, your delivery times can be cut in half.

The importance of consumer happiness goes without saying. If your customers are not happy with the products they receive, your business will never succeed. The same premise goes with shipping speed. If a customer receives a product a month after purchase, your business will never succeed.

Check out the rest of the blog to see how this consumer greed affects businesses and how you can deliver faster with the help of an outside company.

Small Business Suffering

Ecommerce giants, a.k.a. Amazon, are attempting to stand out in the online marketplace by offering faster and cheaper shipping than ever before.

While it is all a reaction to consumer greed, these giants like Amazon and Nike make small businesses seem like they’re operating in the Stone Age.

Greedy online consumers who “need” fast shipping may not realize how speedy delivery timelines affect small businesses that cannot offer it affordably.

Deliveries must move fast in the age of online shopping. The major issue with that statement is that consumers do not understand what it takes to get that package to their doorstep in two days.

They also forget that their expectations for delivery speed have consequences for smaller businesses. Local retailers cannot offer fast shipping on the scale of major online retailers. It is unaffordable, unrealistic, and downright sad.

Focus Your Energy on “Hand-Made”

Just because Amazon offers one-day free shipping does not mean your business needs to. That expectation is so unrealistic that giants can’t even deliver on the promise.

Instead of trying to keep up with something out of reach, focus your energy on the positives of your product.

Is your product hand-made right here in the United States? Is it made with 100% sustainable materials? Is it sourced from a tiny tribe in Africa? Shipping speed is essential, but if your product speaks bigger volumes, you’ll beat the system.

Be honest with yourself and realize that even the best of companies cannot deliver on two-day shipping guarantees, so why should your business? Offer realistic shipping speeds, and if your product is worth the price of admission, people will come.

People will come, Ray, people will most definitely come.

Terrance Mann, Field of Dreams

Pendleton Management Will Expedite Everything

Shipping speed is everything. While you can combat it with cost and highly desirable products, the fact is that consumers want things now.

To keep up with that demand, utilizing an outsourced service is in your best interest. As you are the best at making the products you offer, a sourcing provider is the best at shipping things.

From manufacturing and packaging to purchasing and brokering, seeking Pendleton Management’s expertise to outsource your supply chain will lead to cost-effective and faster shipping for your business.